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Project Name: Crown Platform community website in Spanish

Author: Yinta0

Proposer’s email address:

Funds requested: 3400 CRW x 3 month

Proposal name:

Proposal Hash: 96e69384be0713d3d573ae42421c1fe1dc4458487dbe92345fc457c915774d65

How To Vote YES: mnbudget vote-many 96e69384be0713d3d573ae42421c1fe1dc4458487dbe92345fc457c915774d65 yes

How To Vote NO: mnbudget vote-many 96e69384be0713d3d573ae42421c1fe1dc4458487dbe92345fc457c915774d65 no

You and your team

Yinta0 – Manager
Crownfan – Content creator

Project Details

Website creation – is online and ready to be marketed. Hosting and certificates are deployed.

SEO: The website is being SEO optimized to reach the biggest possible audience.

Content: Guides, resources, general information, links to exchanges and other communities.

Community: Create and grow an active spanish speaking community.

Engagement: Generate community interactions with publications.

Volume: Increase the wallet setups and number of transactions.

Proposal timetable and turning point(s)

All the work has already been done and now I am asking for funds to cover part of the costs I have incurred. 

Acceptance criteria

The job is already completed. Acceptance criteria is for the website to remain online and accesible. 

Funding requirements

This is a community proposal to fund part of the costs incurred when building the website which will be the official website of the Crown Amigos community. After the 3 requested payments, the website will auto-finance itself through donations and/or ads. 

Communication – @Yinta0

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